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10 Achievements of the Year

Suppression and Dissolution towards People’s movements by the Central Committee of the Kuomintang (1927-1929)

Author: Chunfeng Qi

Organization: School of Social Development

The form of the achievement: paper

Introduction: This paper was published in the “Chinese Social Science”the eighth issue in 2016. After theKuomintang(KMT) took office, they, in essence, deviated from Sun Yat-sen's three major policies. But what makes it different from the abandonment of the policy which advocates for associating with Russia and its Party, the Central Committee of the KMT has never against people’s movements orally. On the contrary, they pay lip service to being supportive for people’s movements. However, the KMT Central Committee, led by Chiang Kai-shek, had moved to support the latter in the dispute between “the group led by Jingwei Wang” and “the group led by veterans” on the continuation of the struggle against people’s movement. Therefore, the two sides had adopted a double-faced tactic which was being supportive on the surface to prevaricate public opinions, but in fact was suppressing and dissolving people’s movements by tightly control of the mass groups and contents conversion of people’s movement. This kind of practice, on the one hand,attached to the ideological defects caused by KMT’s opposition towards the Communist Party; on the other side, is inseparable with its class attributes. The deceptive policy of people’s movements made by the KMT Central Committee has seriously impaired its ruling foundation. This paper was reprinted in the eleventh issue by China’s Modern History, the periodical literature reprinted by Renmin University of China in 2016.