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10 Achievements of the Year

Situation of disciplines and experiences of universities

Author: Jianhua Wang

Organization: School of Education Science

The form of the achievement: monograph

Introduction: As the general research project of Education Science in 2011 subjected to the “Twelfth Five-Year”Plan (China’s economic plan for year 2011-2015 made by the government ) of the National Social Science Foundation of China, this achievement was awarded the First-tier Prize of the Fourteenth Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement in Jiangsu Province in 2016. Focusing on discipline development,this monograph chooses two major topics“the situation of disciplines” and “the experience of universities” to make exploration. Through the introduction of concept analysis tools including “discipline recognition”, “knowledge planning”,“interdisciplinary”, “knowledge production mode”,“intellectual property system” and “academic - industrial chain”, a further study on the relationship between knowledge, disciplines, and universities from the theoretical perspective has been carried out. On the one hand,it clarifies the related theories of disciplines and disciplines development and dilute the discourse system of discipline development of Chinese characteristics. On the other hand, it places discipline development itself under the perspective of knowledge and universities. The situation of disciplines is learned from the point of view of knowledge and the institutional environment of disciplines and discipline development are revealed from the perspective of the experience of universities. The research contents and conclusions are of great significance to the highest level government project entitled of “Double First-rate” (with the goal of establishing China’s universities with first-rate academic disciplines to become first-rate universities in the world) which is being implemented in our country at present.