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10 Achievements of the Year

Research on the Theory and Method of Digital Terrain Analysis

Author: Guoan Tang , Axing Zhu et al.

Organization: School of Geography Science

The form of the achievement: paper

Introduction: Under the support of thekey projectsof the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Chinese National Programs for High Technology Research and Development key research subjects, this paper makes in-depth exploration on the hot-spot issue of the theory and method of digital terrain analysis in geographic information science, reveals the distortion mechanism of DEM geomorphic description, constructs a new generation of “feature embedded digital elevation model” with high-fidelity, and systematically transforms traditional digital terrain analysis based on paralleled high-performance calculation method. The digital terrain analysis method systemtowards the regional land forms was put forward for the first time. The series of terrain information maps based on construction have made a breakthrough on the study of land forms’ spatial pattern in the Loess Plateau; the research results have yielded outstanding application effectiveness in geological disaster monitoring, regional climate simulation, urban planning and management etc.. This achievement has give birth to eight published monographs, more than 100 research papers among which 36 are SCI papers. The research achievements have been published on Science and other scientific journals as the key commentary which exerted an important impact in the academic circles at home and abroad. It was awarded the Second-Tier Prize of Natural Science by the Ministry of education of China in 2016.