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10 Achievements of the Year

Research in Historical Facts about Jin Shengtan


Author: Lin Lu
From: School of Chinese Language and Literature
Form of Outcome: Monograph
Introduction to Outcome: Research in Historical Facts about Jin Shengtan is listed in "Outcome Series of National Philosophy and Social Sciences". It takes Jin Shengtan's life experience, acquaintances, compositions of books as the central point of research against the horizon of literary-historical facts of the Ming and the Qing dynasties. It pursues real quality of solid and detailed historical facts and goes along the road of vertical assessment of academic-historical appraisals. This outcome frames itself with issue studies, chronicle studies and making acquaintances. It expects to highlight and represent the historical tangibility of Jin Shengtan through empirical study of related subjects through a divide between essential facts and non-facts. It tries to advance in-depth cultural exploration and to broaden the vision in literature of the Ming and the Qing dynasties by displaying the life traces of marginal men of letters at the joining period between the Ming and the Qing dynasties, who were represented by Jin Shengtan. This book also studies the methodological significance of discovering historical facts in the research of literature and culture of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The book of 700,000 Chinese characters was published by People's Literature Press in 2015. The author has had more than 40 papers published, amongst which, 4 published in Literary Heritage, 3 in Literature, History and Philosophy, 2 in Jianghai Academic Journal, 1 respectively in Literature and History, Literary and Artistic Studies, Theories of Chinese Literature and History. In the published papers, 8 were photocopied by People's University's Studies of Ancient and Modern Chinese Literature. Fudan University Chinese Department Professor Guoping Wu published a review entitled "Solid Work in Writer's Historical Facts--Reviewing Lin Lu's Research in Historical Facts about Jin Shengtan" in Literary and Artistic Studies, 12th issue, 2015.