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10 Achievements of the Year

New Spirit and Artistic Exploration of Chinese Buddhist Anti - Japanese War Literature

Author: Guilin Tan

Organization: School of Chinese Language and Literature

The form of the achievement: paper

Introduction: As the extended achievement of theproject supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China entitled as Modern Chinese History of Buddhist Literature, this paper was published in the first issue of Chinese Social Science in 2016. This paper points out that Chinese Buddhist anti-Japanese war literature is a kind of literary history with special significance. This kind of literature combines the modern Buddhists’ national consciousness with the traditional Buddhist Bodhisattva spirit in the theme expression; give full play of the concept of the Buddhism in a conscious, modern, and creative way on individuals’ life experiences; take the initiative to response to the wartime national cultural strategy in the form of art on the identity of social roles; effectively promote the popularization of the author’s writing structure and the modernization of expression in the creation of art. These new qualities and trends provide a perspective that can’t be neglected from which we can get a comprehensive and in-depth understanding and evaluation of the role and contribution of Chinese anti-Japanese literature towards the national anti-Japanese warfare. Besides,they also provide profound and beneficial theoretical inspiration for the development and resurgence of the contemporary Chinese Buddhist literature.