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10 Achievements of the Year

Introduction to the new educational equity: discursion based on the reflection on transition of the mechanism of education equity in P.R. China

cheng_tian_jun_1.jpgAuthor: Tianjun Cheng
Organization: School of Education Science
The form of the achievement: paper
Introduction:  The paper entitled “Introduction to the New Educational Equity: Discursion Based on the Reflection on Transition of the Mechanism of Education Equity in P.R. China”, originally published in Research in Educational Development (2017-1), was republished in the Journal Xinhua Digeston June 20, 2017. This is an achievement in the Theoretical Construction and Practical Exploration of ‘New’ Education Equality—Project of Excellent Innovation Teams of Philosophy and Social Sciences at Colleges & Universities in Jiangsu, by the Jiangsu Province Department of Education.
This paper argues that the change of the concept of education equality is actually the transformation of evaluation domain--what should be equal. For more than 60 years, education in China has gradually shifted from emphasizing the one-sided political, economic or other “social” demands to focus on the all-round development of human beings. At present, the policy discourse that gives priority to efficiency and consideration to fairness, has given way to a greater emphasis on social equity and a strong promotion of education equity, but the path dependence and practice inertia of efficiency first remain strong. Therefore, this paper proposes new education equality. The new concept aims to switch to a human-centered evaluation, which advocates from focusing on efficiency first to emphasizing fairness and justice, from focusing on the extension of education equality to focusing on its connotation. Relying on development, reform and innovation is the feasible path to achieve new education equality. This article was also reprinted by Education, Information Center for Social Sciences, Renmin University of China (2017-7), China Social Sciences network and the sohu network.