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10 Achievements of the Year

History of Modern Russian Literature

Author: Jiezhi Wang

Organization: School of Chinese Language and Literature

The form of the achievement: monograph

Introduction: As one of the achievements of the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions——the discipline of “Chinese Languages and Literature in Nanjing Normal University”, this monograph was awarded the First-tier Prize of the Fourteenth Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement in Jiangsu Province in 2016. The monograph is mainly about a systematic description and in-depth study of the history of Russian literature in the early 1890s and 1950s when this period of literary history has not been fully presented and fairly evaluated in the past. Therefore, the systematic study of this period of literature embodies a sense of the reconstruction of literary history. This achievement filled the blank of the past monograph of the same category, presenting the new perspective towards the history of Russian literature in the 20th century; the silver age literature, Russian foreign literature and the writers and works suffered from unjust treatment in the Soviet Union period contained in this period of literature history were reevaluated; the theory and practice of “socialist realism” were re-examined and scientific and reasonable comments were given. “‘Socialist Realism’ Theoretical Journeyin China” was reprinted in full text byXinhua Digestin 2012.