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10 Achievements of the Year

General History of China’s News Legal System (6 volumes, 8 books)

Author: Yannian Ni et al.

Organization: School of Journalism and Communication

The form of the achievement: monograph

Introduction: This monographis the final achievement of the key project of National Social Science Foundation of China namely “The Development History of China’s News Legal System” (07AXW001) which was awarded the First-tier Prize of the Fourteenth Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement in Jiangsu Province in 2016. This book is jointly completed by the main director Yannian Ni and other partners JixianWang ,Chuanhui Xue ,Xiaofeng Zhang , GuipingWang and Ge Li. In 2014, this project was funded 990,000 RMB by the National publication fund. This monograph includes ancient, modern, contemporary, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao historical data (volume one and volume two) and chronological index volume which involves more than 540 million characters in total. This is the first time that the 5000-year development history of China's legal system was systematically sorted out; the first time to include the news legal system of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions into the content system, which make it a veritable general history of “China’s”news legal system; the first to employ the content narrative system combining text, compilation, chronology and index. In May 2016, the Publishing Forum of this book was held by The Association for History of Journalism and Mass Communication at Renmin University of China. This monograph is highly appraised by participated experts Fang Hanqi, Yuming Zhao , Xujun Tang and Changfeng Chen.