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10 Achievements of the Year

Embedded carbon-loaded Ni-based transitional metal material as an efficient bi-functional electrocatalystfor air cathode

Author: Yawen Tang

Organization: School of Chemistry and Materials Science

The form of the achievement: paper

Introduction: Zinc air battery features high energy density, safety, reliability and is pollution-free which makes it the ideal power battery for electric vehicles. But its air cathode catalyst is of short cycle life, high cost and poor stability. The embedded Ni3Fe / N-C and NiCo / C bi-functional catalysts were prepared by hard template method and composite hydrogel method by Yawen Tang’s research group. The embedding of Ni3Fe and NiCo particles on the carbon surface can effectively avoid the agglomeration, shedding and dissolution of the particles during the operation of the battery, thus effectively improve the stability of the electrocatalyst. As one of the best bifunctional electrocatalysts, Ni3Fe/N-C and NiCo/C catalyst-driven zinc air batteries can run continuously for 420h and 600h which is much longer than the noble metal IrO2 / Pt-C catalyst. Related results were published in Advanced Energy Materials (2017, 7, 1601172, IF = 15.230) and Nano Letters (2016, 16, 6516, IF = 13.592). The one published in the Advanced Energy Materials was named the hot paper of the month; and it was introduced as a highlight in the X-MOL chemical information platform.