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10 Achievements of the Year

Courtesy and law in the transition of Chinese rural society from the ethical perspective


Author: Lulu Wang
From: School of Public Administration
Form of Outcome: Papers
Introduction to Outcome:
It was published in Social Sciences in China, the 7thissue in 2015. An important achievement supported by national philosophy and social sciences foundation. The thesis is based on the data of field investigation in four typical villages. It puts forward the basic situation of Chinese rural society where the rule of rites and the rule of law coexist and remain strained, also advances the way to bring about integration. As to maintain rural order and social harmony in transition period, and to achieve the leading idea of comprehensively promote rule of law and build a socialist country under the rule of law, it has great theoretical and practical value. This thesis made remarkable innovation in research methods and contents; it had been reprinted in several academic websites such as China Social Science Network, and exerted big academic influence on ethics and law area.