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10 Achievements of the Year

“China’s problems” in Education Reform

wu_kang_ning_2.pngAuthor:Kangning Wu
Organization: School of Education Science
The form of the achievement: monograph
Introduction: It was awarded the First-tier Prize of the 7thWu Yuzhang Award for Humanities and Social Sciences. This monograph systematically analyzes that China’s ongoing education reform is destined to become one of the most important events in the history of world education. However, because China’s education reform is in the special field of Chinese society, its smooth progress and success depends largely on the general approval and its strong support outside of education. From the perspective of sociology, this book relates education reform with the problems outside of education, and analyzes and reflects on them to reveal the enigma of education reform and solve the problems of education reform, aiming to be beneficial for the correct understanding, in-depth reflection and smooth promotion of education reform.