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10 Achievements of the Year

Bullying in primary and middle schools and how to combat it

liu_jian_1.jpgAuthor: Jian Liu
Organization: School of Teacher Education
The form of the achievement: paper
Introduction: The paper entitled “Bullying in Primary and Middle Schools and How to Combat it”, originally published in theJournal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition),was republished in the Journal Xinhua Digestin September2017. Focused on the increasingly serious bullying among students in primary and middle schools during this period of social transition in China, this paper analyzes the main causes of bullying and puts forward that to cope with students’ bullying, a multiple treatment system should be constructed from different perspectives, which include cultivating students “virtues”, caring about “others”, setting up “an anti-bullying agency”, constructing “a school community”, building “a social support system”, restoring “the classic social culture”, and enabling students to adhere to “healthy beliefs and dreams”.