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10 Achievements of the Year

A study on the thought and practice of the cultural dynamics of Marxism

meng_xian_ping_1.jpgAuthor: Xianping Meng
Organization: School of Public Administration
The form of the achievement: monograph
Introduction: “A Study on the Thought and Practice of the Cultural Dynamics of Marxism” was selected into the National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences. The cultural dynamics of Marxism’s main points are about the formation, mechanism and social function of cultural strength, and its study aim is to comprehensively understand the representation of cultural power in regards to static, dynamic, energy and differences. This book creatively puts forward “cultural category”, “cultural dynamics”, “cultural boundary”, “cultural value”, “cultural symbol”, “cultural consciousness” and “cultural discourse”, discusses the narrative approach and discourse transformation of the thought of the cultural dynamics of Marxism and analyzes the problems such as the ideological dynamics and the mainstream ideology construction, science and technology dynamics and the current scientific and technological innovation, spiritual dynamics and the current expression of cultural confidence, the strength of traditional culture and the choice of the dual creation approach, literature and art dynamics and the development strategy of the contemporary literature and art. Politically correct, innovative and pioneering the result has important theoretical and practical value, and reflects the forefront of this research field.