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10 Achievements of the Year

A Study on the School-runningStandard of Quality Schools for Compulsory Education

Author: Xinping Zhang

Organization:School of Education Science

The form of the achievement: monograph


This achievement is the general project of the National Education Science Program in 2008 entitled as “Comparison between and Establishment of National and Local Standards for School-running in Elementary Education”. It was awarded the First-tier Prize of the Fourteenth Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement in Jiangsu Province in 2016. This paper explores the connotation of high quality schools and their school-running standards from the aspects of basic theory, international comparison, historical change, realistic foundation, standard establishment and realization, studies the historical development of compulsory education schools’school-running standards in our country, analyzes the existing problems along the path of “school improvement”, put forward that “advantages excavation” is the aim of establishing school-running standards in quality schools for compulsory education. Its innovation lies in the formation of the “four-dimension-three-aspect” standard school-running system in the quality schools for compulsory education which emphasizes the revolutionary significance of the “appreciation-oriented exploration”path to the establishment of quality schools for compulsory education. China Education Dailypublished a book review which comments that this book is a valuable exploration for the development of quality schools and realized the two-dimensional innovation on theory and practice.