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May, 25

New findings on the conductive controlling and promoting effect in Met...

The research team led by NNU School of Chemistry and Material Science Professor Yaqian Lan made a si...

May, 23

Beauty in campus: A Conversation with President Minqiang Hu

“President Hu, what about your opinion on talents cultivation and NNU’s internationalization?”, “Pre...

May, 21

British Writer Jeanette Winterson Interprets Her Novel The Gap of Time

On Tuesday, Mar.16, the preeminent and well-known British writer Jeanette Winterson approached the s...


3:00 pm
Xiaolin Zhou Dr. Xiaolin Zhou is a professor of psychology, a member of the University Council, and the Director of the Center for Brain...
9:00 am
Philip Westbrook Dr. Philip Westbrook, professor of educational leadership, policy and technology studies at The University of Alabama, has...
3:30 pm
Zhu Xiao Di Zhu Xiao Di is a Chinese-American writer. He authored a novel, Tales of Judge Dee , and a biographical work, Thirty Years in a...

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